Arctic Cycles is owned and operated by the husband/wife team: Billy & Erica Koitzsch. Billy has over 20 years of experience guiding and biking in the great state of Alaska.

Arctic Cycles understands and appreciates the great Alaskan outdoors. We love biking and everything Alaska has to offer and we want to share that knowledge and enjoyment with others.

Billy has competed in the Iditasport events; Iditasport (160 miles), the first Iditasport Extreme (350 miles), numerous Iditasport 100s, several Susitna 100s, Arrowhead 135 & multiple Iditarod Trail Invitationals (350/1100 miles).

In 2013, he was the first person to complete the Iditarod Trail (southern route) and continue onto the Iron Dog (Knik to Nome, Nome to Fairbanks): over 2,000 solo miles! Because of his extensive experience in winter adventure riding, he was able to complete this monumental human-powered feat in FORTY days!

Billy has been there and done that! Let him show you how to safely adventure in Alaska’s harsh environment!

Please check out the magazine and newspaper articles about Billy “back in the day”, Arctic Cycles and the pioneering spirit of winter biking!

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