I have always been interested in fat tire biking, but the bikes are too expensive to just buy on a whim. So I was excited when my friend organized a fat tire bike tour in Anchorage and one of the other participants recommended renting a bike from Arctic Cycles.

Billy and Erica are both warm and friendly. They run the rentals out of their home, so you need to make an appointment before showing up. Billy has over 15 years of snow biking experience and runs support for the Iditasport event. He was full of useful information and told me a lot about the bikes.

The bike I got was in excellent working condition. You can tell that Billy and Erica take really good care of their inventory. They made sure that I had a female seat, which I didn’t realize was so important, but it helps maintain balance. They supplied the hand-warmers that go over the handlebars and a tool kit along with the bike. Erica was nice enough to loan me some glove liners to wear under the handle bar mittens.

The total rental was $55 for the day. I had such a fun time riding with my friends in Campbell Creek that it was totally worth it. I definitely recommend renting a bike from Arctic Cycles if you are interested in getting into this sport!